Play Group with Miglena

Date: Every Saturday at 14:00-15:00

Age: 2-5

Instructor: Miglena Dzhimova

Price: 90 TL, for approximately one hour and including workshop materials

Meggi Foto

Kindergarten is too late

You have at least few friends struggling to learn English at their forties’ and surprise, it’s not at all easy. According to the early education and development practices the optimal age for creating accurate thinking models in your child’s brain is up to 3 and around.

Here is why we will be inviting your kids (at the maximum age of 5) every Saturday to become a part of your enthusiast group and participate in short and interactive talks and various activities where only English language will be spoken.

Our tutor will be 29-old Miglena, an early education-practicing enthusiast who loves spending time to educate kids. The approaches she uses are based on the practices of early education and development by Mr. Masaru Ibuka, more known as the founder of SONY, who is also a founder and director of both associacion of early development and “Tallent teaching”association.

What to expect?

The goal of this activity is not only to teach your kids a foreign language, not at all. Our ideal purpose will be to program your children’s mindset in a way to ease their future lives. This will happen via setting up learning patterns to optimize the individual learning skills and approaches of how your kid explores the world.

That will help your growing children to assume more information in no time, easier and moreover, with satisfaction of their own achievements. You will be progressively contributing to your kid’s self-development and share their happiness of the achieved skills.

Activities to be practiced

We will be exploring the world in our own rhythm depending on the group’s general interests. Video and graphics will help us enrich the imagination of the little ones after which we will perform discussions with the word and phrase content from the observed material.

How to apply

Email us on in order to register for the next group and answer the requested short information. Please, don’t hesitate to use the same email in case you have any questions, comments or suggestions.